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Vending Solutions for Every Need

AFEN vending is a leading custom automatic vending machine system solutions provider and vending machine factory in China specialized in providing high-quality self-service afen vending machine, which is wildly used in schools, stations, airports, hospitals shopping malls, etc, can sell food, drinks, books, toys. medicine, stationery, and other daily products.

Find Vending Machine by Performance Here

AFEN vending provides custom automated vending machines of different performance like touch screen/Icd vending machines, refrigerated vending machines, elevator vending machines, which are tailored to your needs. If you are interested, click in to see the detail.

Cash & Cashless Vending

You can find whether cash or cashless vending at AFEN, and different payment solutions are applied in our vending machines to cater to the wider range of customers.

Find Specialized Vending Machine at Afen Vending

AFEN as a high level vending machine manufacturer,has thousands of OBM experience.According to different requirements , we have developed and produced various special vending machines for milk company, beverage and food company, supply chains, and so on.

Professional Vending Solutions Provider

  • Hardware consultation
    Hardware consultation AFEN provide installation help if you have any problems.
  • Software Integration
    Software Integration Big data backstage to help you do more in less time.
  • Service support
    If there is something wrong with your vending machine parts, you can conlact us to replace them.

AFEN vending is one of the excessive stage custom vending machine distributors who has thousands of OBM experiences. According to different necessities, we have developed and produced a variety of...

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After-Sale Service

Why AFEN Vending?

AFEN is a top vending machine company, which is specialized in developing, production and marketing related products in the field of self-service technology. As one of the top vending machine companies, with its advanced technical ability and huge manufacturing capacity, is an excellent supplier and partner in the self-service market.