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AF-FEL-54C(V22) Freezer Vending Machine for Frozen Food Ice Cream Popsicle




Basic Information


The model dimension(height width depth)1940*1375*875mm,its weight(without cash/coin/card acceptor)400kg,it's suitable for operating in school campus,factories,office buildings,tourist spot,shopping mall,community and other indoor and outdoor occasions.

Engine start:

The model voltage AC 220-240V/1200W(freeze function on).Attention!its energy consumption.

Scope of sales:

Its cargo channel,spiral type,conveyor belt type,or the both,it depends on the package and size of your commodities,the items are delivered smoothly with the elevator delivery system.

It's enhanced refrigeration system configuration,the temperature can be flexibly adjusted between -18℃ and 24,it's suitable for selling various frozen food(such as ice cream,frozen meat,frozen pizza,frozen pastry,etc).

Container capacity:

The standard quantity of slots is 546 layers * 9 slots),and the cargo channel is adjustable,there are 216-324 commodities can be placed according to the size of commodities.

Shopping experience:

It's 22 inch screen,shopping section,the intelligent interaction screen,supporting shopping cart function,multiple payment methods and convenient purchase.

The advertising section,multimedia information and promotions,remote post with intelligent management software.


Machine Customization


1.Thickened fuselage,integrated all-steel fuselage,the steel sheet coated with anti-corrosion paint.

2.PVC insulation door seal,dust-proof,water-proof,and insulating temperature inside and outside the machine,more energy-saving and efficient.

3.The base of our machine can be disassembled and replaced independently, we provide several options for the base.

Featured design:

1.Supporting power-off protection.

2.3 layers thickened vacuum glass with defogging function.

3.The commodity detection function at the bottom of the machine.

4.Anti-theft outlet,cash/coin acceptor,security locker.

5.The outlet and cash/coin/card acceptor position,the design is ADA compliant.

6.Increased machine capacity&outlet.

Refrigeration technology:

1.Foam molded liner for maintain a constant temperature.

2.Dual refrigeration modular system,commercial compressor,stronger refrigeration(the effect -18℃),the new eco-friendly refrigerant complies with the latest EU&USA standards.

3.Temperature digital display,supporting remote temperature settings and monitoring.

Payment configurations:

1.Cash,coin,card payment supported,adopting international MDB standard design and supporting various international standards for foreign currency.

2.The machine equipped with monitoring camera,its payment would be safer.

The whole machine and the detail,professional and high quality.


Cost-effective Vending Solutions

Software solutions:

AFEN Intelligent SAAS service system

Telemetry icloud service system,remote management,easy software management and intelligent remote operation,it's free to use forever after purchasing the machine.

Its main functions include,

1.Real-time Monitoring

2.Video Surveillance

3.Operation Configurations

4.Fault Alarming

5.Statistics Analysis

6.Income Assessment

7.Promotion Settings

8.Advertising Settings

9.Mobile APP

Payment solutions:

In addition to the basic cash,coin,card acceptor configurations,even the ID verification,age verification function options.

More importantly,the mobile phone payment that international standards version,and other cashless payment,

specifically,the QR code,face-scan/fingerprint,NFC and other payment functions can be customized and developed by docking with third-party.

AFEN service:

1.Our complete service, pre-sales, payment&shipping, after-sales.

2.Pre-sales, just the guidance, specifically, model choice, model configurations, software&function customization, payment customization.

3.Payment&shipping, we negotiate a plan.

4.After-sales, including the new machine operation guidance(hardware and management software), remote trouble shooting and repair guidance,machine upgrade&technical support, spare part supporting, independent maintenance and repair training.

5.Our resources of service, the team(account manager, hardware&software engineer), the cooperate(video&pdf course, online guidance, on-the-spot guidance).

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