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Vending machine manufacturer or a franchisee

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Vending machine manufacturer or a franchisee

As a suggestion to new practitioners,we recommend that you purchase vending machines in a top manufacturer,there are some reasons!

Business model

Generally,the way of franchisee,fee or deposit,it is inevitable,the choice of machine models,just a few,and commodities type provided,just a few.The most important,you have to find location yourself.

If you have your own commodities,or you want to start business independently,get a machine form a top factory,there will be discounts for bulk orders.

Business flexibility

1. Machien model selection

A top vending manufacturer has a variety of high-quality models for your reference,there are hardware&software customization programs depend on your demand,the service of operation guidance,machine upgrade,etc,you can get the help any time!

2. Intelligent service system

A top vending manufacturer has independently developed management software,for example,if you purchase a machine from AFEN, you can operate the software for free.Our management software can intelligently manage sales inventory and check faults, and can summarize and analyze sales data. The entire operation of the machine is monitored by the background,it can provides real-time operation status feedback,data information,and supports the remote operation for some function.

As for franchise companies, their public data is for all franchisees. In the case of such public data, you cannot effectively develop and develop independent and personalized businesses.

3. Flexibility of commodities placement

The machine can be adjusted,upgraded or not.In fact,it is necessary to adjust the hardware&software settings regularly according to changes in consumer demand.For example,in the case of large beverage sales in summer,or large high-calorie snacks in winter,the adjustment is necessary  for cargo channel,refrigeration area,etc,the manufacturer can accept your demand and provide you the guidance service,however,the franchisee company will not,if available,you need to pay extra.