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24-hour smart medical service

Time : 2023-01-26 Hits : 110

What should I do if a fever and cold pharmacy closes in the middle of the night?

At this time, the 24-hour service vending machine can help you alleviate your urgent needs.

In addition to buying medicines, vending machines can also provide remote consultation services. Doctors guide the use of medicines. With the development of the times, the rise and fall of vending machines are becoming more and more diversified and intelligent. There is nothing impossible but unexpected. Everything can be expected in the future.

In the past three years of anti-epidemic, AFEN has been responding quickly to market demand and tackling the problem of non-contact self-service anti-epidemic product services. At present, it has a full set of mature comprehensive vending machine solutions for medicine, masks, and anti-epidemic supplies. Our various medical supplies vending machines can sell masks, testing reagents, disinfectants, and other medical supplies, which can fully meet the needs of customers, help realize contactless purchases, and provide convenience for the people healthy consumption.

The 24-hour smart medical service, release hospital pressure, prevent doctors from being cross-infected, reduce the work cost of pharmacy staff, reduce the work pressure of pharmacists, and enhance hospital drug management.

Reduce patient risk, avoid cross-infection, provide more convenient medication services, improve patient satisfaction, and adapt to the consumption habits of young people.