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Business opportunities of location case

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Business opportunities of location case

School campus

For the development of vending machine business, schools are a good choice.

The feature,the location,it is relatively closed,and there is a huge traffic,there are a large number of concentrated people all year round. The scope of the school includes primary schools, middle schools, colleges and universities, and various vocational technical schools.Generally, in cities/towns with relatively rapid stable economic development,the geographical distribution of schools will be denser.

Business stability, since the school will basically maintain a large number of concentrated people all year round, and the students who are the main body of the crowd,they have daily consumption needs,so the school has a good basic condition for machine sales.

The commodities,healthy snacks and beverages,milk,fresh food,ice cream,hot food,and daily necessities,stationery,vending machines can sell the most of commodities.Snack&drink,milk,daily necessities,those commodities have large consumption and high consumption frequency,which can guarantee the stability of income.The business is always innovative and creative in schools,and trendy  or new shopping (payment) methods that satisfy students’ curiosity can always trigger a consumption boom.Therefore,the potential of school vending business is continuous and large enough.

Business flexibility,there are many choices for the machine placement in the school,such as the playground,the entrance of the canteen,the downstairs of the dormitory,the library hall and teaching building lobby, etc.Since vending machines can operate 24 hours a day,they can play a significant role in the face of sudden and urgent shopping needs,imagine when you need to buy medicine or snacks in the middle of the night.

Risk resistance,as long as the school continues to operate normally, the vending machine business is always normal in the school.In the situation,the convenience stores in school or or near the school,if they can not open for business,then the vending machine help a lot.

On the other hand,vending machine is safe in school than the street

,and the machine can take into account hygiene issues due to the contactless payment(some models available),it is useful in some situation.

Tourist spot

For the development of vending machine business,tourist attractions are another good choice.

Part1,consumer demand.In tourist attractions,snack&drink have large consumption and high consumption frequency,especially during the peak tourist season.Compared with traditional convenience store,the same commodities may be sold at a lower unit price on a vending machinethe other commodities that may be demanded in the scenic spot,such as raincoats,umbrellas,medical and health supplies,etc,most of them can be sold on a vending machine.Moreover,the vending machine can cover the position that traditional convenience store cannot radiate.

Part2,the rental cost.Compared with traditional convenience store, a vending machine only takes about 1-5 square meters of space,the business can avoid high rental costs.Moreover,one person can be responsible for at least 4 vending machines,the labor cost of vending machines are greatly reduced.

Part3,the operation management.With the analysis of sales data,and the feedback of operation information on the management software,you can adjust the commodities category and make replenishment timely.In general,the environment of the scenic spot is safe,and it is very conducive to the long-term machine operation.

Part4,the business&machine models.If there is a sufficient cost budget,you can try a variety of models,in addition to the traditional snack&drink vending machine,specialized beverage vending machinethat support refrigeration and heating function,hot food vending machine,ice cream vending machine,coffee vending machine,all those you can consider.

Part5,additional revenue business.The big screen vending machine can undertake advertising business,the fixed advertising parts of the screen can be used to introduce the information of scenic spots, play tour maps or other commercial advertisements.The business can bring convenience to tourists,and it can reduce the rental cost of scenic spot,or obtain other commercial advertising income.

Part6,consumer convenience.Usually,vending machines could be placed wherever the power supply can be connected.Since the vending machine can operate 24 hours a day,it is a good supply station for tourists who climb mountains and visit at night.In addition,the payment methods of vending machines are convenient,in addition to the basic cash,coin,card acceptor configurations,mobile phone payment that international standards version,and other cashless payment,specifically,the QR code,mobile NFC,face/fingerprint and other payment functions can be customized and developed by docking with third-party.

Other locations

In addition to school campus and tourist spot, factories, hospitals, airport&stations,office buildings,etc,these are usually considered to be good choice.These locations usually have good business opportunities,of course,the business opportunities depend on your local reality,and we will always share with you the latest trends in vending machine industry.