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Preparation for vending machine business

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Preparation for vending machine business

Part 1

If you are a brand company in retail industry,or a commodities wholesale/retailer,considering the location directly,and learn how to operation vending machines. 

As a new practitioner without commodities channels,on the one hand,you need to learn the operation strategy,on the other hand,you need to find the partners of commodity channels.

The former,you need to consider which market you choose to enter,as a new entrant,we recommend that you start out with a few commodities category,a series of questions that you need to consider,food or non-food commodities? what kinds of food or non-food? how long you plan to operate? and the preparation of your backup plans.

The latter,you need to consider the payment and discount,then the considering of your medium term and long term commodities channels strategy. 

Part 2

A series of questions around location decision,the first,the considering of your medium term and long term location strategy. 

We recommend you inspect the business environment on the spot before the beginning of business,especially the location decision is a outdoor scenes.We need to know the situation of the ground, rain protection, power supply,and other security conditions.

In addition,when refer to the negotiation of location rental cost. We suggest that if there is no certainty of absolute profitability, you can consider the rental payment method of the vending machine revenue share.

Part 3

The choice of the machine model,based on the decision of business model that you made,if operating independently and want to buy a machine. We recommend that you choose a top vending manufacturer to buy the vending machine.Welcome to visit AFEN for consultation,our varieties of high-quality machine models and professional supporting services can  help your vending machine business.

Part 4

The business licenses may be necessary in many countries/regionsyou should learn more about it before the beginning.

Part 5

To preview the operation of vending machines,welcome to visit AFEN for consultation,and welcome to visit our factory,we can take you to practice various machine models and the operation of management software, We will also provide you video courses to learn the machine operation systematically from all aspects.