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Cooperate with manufacturer

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Cooperate with manufacturer

If you plan to buy a vending machine for operating independently,we recommend you purchase from a top vending manufacturer.

As a new practitioner,you have to consider more than the machine purchase cost, after purchase,the later operation training,after- sales guidance&technical supporting, and machine system update are all important issues in the operation of the machine.You should know about a factory from all aspects.

The following suggestions are for your reference.

1. The development scale

The most important indicator,it includes the company registered capital,establishment time,product category and annual production capacity,the scale of workshop area,production line&equipment laboratory, team structure,R&D technical system,QA&QC quality inspection system,and enterprise/product certification,patent,etc.

2、Machine model&customization

A top vending manufacturer has a variety of high-quality machine model, the customized vending machine model depend on your demand,hardware&software,structure&appearance,all of these aspects are included.Specifically,body structure,cargo channel configuration, refrigeration system,customized management software,mobie payment,and other customization configurations.We can provide you with a variety of vending solutions.

3. Intelligent management software

A a top vending manufacturer usually has independently developed machine&sales management software,the software〝SAAS service system〞its features include,

real-time monitoring,

video surveillance,

operation configuration,

fault alarming,

statistics analysis,

income assessment,

promotion settings,

advertising settings,

mobile application operation.

4. Service supporting

The complete service,pre-sales,payment&shipping,after-sales,

Pre-sales,just the guidance,model choice,model configurations software&function customization,payment customization.

Payment&shipping,we negotiate a plan.

After-sales,the new machine operation guidance(hardware and management software),remote trouble shooting and repair guidance,machine upgrade&technical support,spare part supporting,independent maintenance and repair training.

The resources of service,the team(account manager,hardware&software engineer),the cooperate(video&pdf course,online guidance,staffing,etc)

5. the company reputation

It is about soft power,and includes brand cases,cooperation cases,  market share,and market reputation,etc.

    We hope you can use the above suggestions for manufacturer assessment. You can fully compare all the information of each manufacturer when making a purchase decision.On the price issue that you are concerned about,AFEN will definitely give you a great price for batch machine.