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AFEN Coffee Vending Machine

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The health benefits of coffee extend to nearly all parts of our body, and they are attributed to the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals within the bean itself. 

For regular coffee-lovers, we have great news——you might be reaping unknown benefits from your daily cup.

Here are the top 6 ways coffee can benefit your health.

·Stimulates energy and eliminates fatigue

·Increases physical activity levels

·Helps maintain weight loss

·Lowers risk of depression

·Helps focus our attention

·Protects against diabetes

AFEN  coffee vending machine for best freshly ground coffee

Coffee bean pre-soaking,improved extraction efficiency,improved the coffee taste.

Extracted by high pressure and high temperature,the pressure is 9 bar,it’s gold extraction pressure,coffee lactone are fully emulsified,the taste is more mellow and silky.The temperature at 92℃,the best water temperature for coffee,precise and continuous water temperature control to keep the coffee brewing.

Various ingredients dispense fast,weight of the coffee bean for each cup is stringently controlled to guarantee the best taste.

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