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Merchandise vending machines

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1.Food vending machines

This type of machine can sell a wide range of goods, involving specific models and applications,including snack&drink vending machines,fresh food vending machines(fruit、vegetable)and so on, in addition,customized models can be developed according to the special requirements of customers,such as egg vending machines,frozen food vending machine,ice cream vending machines,and box lunch vending machines (fast food, instant food heating),etc.

2. Beverage vending machines

The products that can be sold by this type of machine are mainly all kinds of packaged beverages,and the specific models involved include beverage vending machines (bottles,cans,boxes,bags,glass bottles package, etc.),wine vending machines (wine,bottled beer,canned beer, etc.),milk vending machine (packaged dairy products),coffee vending machine (hot and cold instant drinks,freshly ground coffee,etc.)

3. Other vending machines

The range of vending machine merchandise is not only limited to food, the application includes vending machines for adult products,medicines (usually over-the-counter drugs),cosmetics,cigarettes,gift,souvenir,flower,flower,book and so on.

The continuous changes in the consumer market are changing the ecology of the retail business.In this process,vending machines are also developing simultaneously.We believe that more industries will join the investment in the retail business of vending machines in the future, consumers can also buy more varieties of goods from vending machine.