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Types and functions of vending machines

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Classification of vending machines

1.Classification according to the products sold

The common ones are snack vending machines ,beverage vending machines, milk vending machines,fresh fruit and vegetable vending machines,frozen food vending machines,ice cream vending machines,box lunch vending machines and so on.In addition,there are many application cases of non-food vending machines,which are not listed here.

2.Classification according to thedelivery system&cargochannel

On the one hand, according to the delivery system of the product, it is mainly divided into five types: the traditional model of the spiral type,the S-shaped type,the elevator system delivery type,the XY axis positioning type,and the vending locker.On the other hand,according to the style of the cargo channel,it is mainly divided into the following types: spiral cargo channel,S-shaped cargo channel,crawler cargo channel and push type.

Machine models with different delivery system have their own application.The simplest structure is the vending locker,which can sell most of the conventional commodities.The traditional model of the spiral type is generally used to sell conventionally packaged snacks and beverages,while the S-shaped type is specially used to sell bottled and canned beverages.the elevator system delivery type is especially suitable for selling large-width boxed goods and fragile goods.As for the XY axis positioning type,it is a more advanced elevator.


3.According to the screen of the vending machine

Specifically,it includes models with 5-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 22-inch, 32-inch and 50-inch screens,special note on this model 50-inch. The products sold on the 50-inch screen model are generally invisible. The controllable large screen of this model supports integrated shopping operation,advertising play and multimedia interaction.

4.According to the temperature of the vending machine

The normal temperature model,it has no refrigeration compressor and is suitable for selling the non-refrigeration required commodities,its cost and price are relatively low.

Semi-refrigerated model,Generally,this model,its upper layer is the normal temperature area and the lower layer is the refrigerated area.

Refrigeration model,it has the function of overall refrigeration, the temperature can be adjusted to 3-7 degrees, its refrigeration system can also be controlled separately.Moreover,the machine also has a large area of double-layer vacuum tempered glass with heating and defogging function, which can be displayed visually and is convenient for customers to use.

Freezing model,this model has a higher configuration of refrigeration compressor,and its freezing temperature can be adjusted to minus 18 ℃, it mainly used for the sale of frozen ice cream,frozen pizza,frozen meat and other frozen foods.

Refrigeration&heating models,which generally refer to box lunch machines,the commodities are usually kept refrigerated,and they will be heated by a built-in microwave when purchased.



Vending machine function

1.Multimedia displayscreen

Generally,vending machines can be equipped with multimedia display screen.these models,their screen will be connected with the management system and consumers can directly purchase products through the touch screen.It is a more intelligent and convenient shopping method.


2.Mobile phone shopping

Scanning the QR code on your mobile phone to purchase products and make payment is a very convenient and fast way of shopping.Now,vending machines support the function.


3.Multi-method payment functions

In order to cater to people’s consumption and payment habits,vending machines have also developed a variety of payment methods such as QR code payment/face recognition payment/membership card payment.

In order to adapt to the payment environment of vending machines in various countries,AFEN customization,cash,coin,and card payment,they are international version,we can also cooperate with third parties to customize the development of international mobile phone payment.QR code type,face/fingerprint recognition,NFC and so on,all can be customized.

4.Intelligent SAAS service system

As a top vending machine manufacturer,AFEN have independently developed a software of SAAS service system.its features include,


real-time monitoring,

video surveillance,

operation configuration,

fault alarming,

statistics analysis,

income assessment,

promotion settings,

advertising settings,

mobile application operation.