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The prospect of vending machines in new retail era

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A brief introduction to vending machine business environment in China.

First a concept about new retail,what is new retail? According to authoritative statements,new retail means that enterprises rely on the Internet to upgrade and transform the production,circulation and sales processes of commodities by using advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence,and then reshape the business environment of the retail industry.A new retail model that deeply integrates online service,offline experience and modern logistics.

In addition to the three formats of fresh food

supermarket,B2B grocery store and offline brand store,unmanned retail is also a new retail,it includes unmanned convenience stores and vending machines.In comparison, vending machines are more suitable for flexible business with small-scale capital startups.

The following mainly discusses the development history of vending machines in China.

Since 2000,vending machines have appeared in the stations and airports of Beijing,Guangzhou and Shanghai,at that time,cash was the only payment method in vending machines.The shopping process of select,pay and get change was cumbersome,the experience was bad,in the situation,the convenience store was still a better option.In addition,since vending machines were not popular at that time,people lacked understanding of them and were not used to shopping on them,it eventually caused the problem,the development of vending machine in China.

With the continuous development of new retail business in recent years, the development of vending machines in China has gradually ushered in an improvement,showing a good growth trend.

In 2016,the overall market size of vending machines reached 7.5 billion yuan.In 2017,the overall market size of vending machines reached 12 billion yuan.In 2018,the overall market size of vending machines reached 19 billion yuan.In 2019,the overall market size of vending machines is more than 20 billion yuan.

The above data shows that the market prospects of vending machines in China are gradually expanding,in the beginning,the vending machines can only sell snacks and drinks,with the development,they have gradually diversified development.Nowadays,there are cold&hot instant  beverage vending machine,freshly ground coffee machines,box lunch vending machine, breakfast vending machine,frozen food vending machine and other models. The current vending machine business has already transformed from a single one-sided image to a scenario-based layout and a diversified marketing format,the vending machine can well adapt to changes in market demand and consumption patterns,the social environment during COVID-19,as an example,

On June 10,2020,the number of confirmed cases in the world has reached an astonishing 7.2 million!The epidemic is serious in countries such as the United States and Brazil,under the impact of this epidemic,vending machines could be normal at the most of time,due to the advantages of location flexible and shopping contactless.On the contrary,they can just play an important supplementary role in people’s livelihood consumption. In the future,they will even replace the most offline stores in the streets of cities.In addition,there are many models for your retail business,such as frozen food vending machines,ice cream vending machine,hot food vending machine and coffee vending machine,etc.We believe,the potential consumer demand market will continue to be tapped,the benefits of related practitioners will increase,and the number of practitioners will continue to increase.