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This is a micro supermarket

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People's demand for packaged food is anytime and anywhere!

Imagine when you are hungry or thirsty, and when you have a temporary purchase demand, if there are no shops or supermarkets nearby...

A vending machine means a lot at this time, so the food vending machine business is important, and there's always an opportunity.A supermarket or a snack barIt would be a good business, the vending machine retail store business, this might do well in community and welfare centers, bread and other bakery food, vegetable, fruit and other fresh food, packaged milk, the bottles and jars of condiment, various of packed food. People need to purchase various living materials on a regular basis, the vending machine micromarket will help a lot, please believe this note, the idea of food vending machine business.

In addition to the centralized material supply, vending machines can be flexibly moved to various locations, this might do well in the building office and school, campus, the staff and student would like to enjoy some snack&drink in common areas and lounges when take a break. The vending machine bar will help a lot at this time, the chocolate bar, salad box, sandwich box, energy drink, and other fast food, etc, they're all good business.Our recommendWhen it comes to vending machines, the food vending machine especially, we would like to recommend you several of our featured models, AF-CFM-4C(H32) ,  AF-CFS-66G(V22) ,  AF-CEL-60C(V22) , one of them is suitable for hot food, the other two apply to other common foods and goods.

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