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We recommend AF-60 for vending business

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Looking to earn an extra stream of income? Thinking about buying a vending machine? Stop scrambling around, we have just what you need!

AFen vending machines are cost-effective and high-quality, and have obtained many patent certificates, which are suitable for operators who want to start a side business through vending machines. Open 24 hours a day without stopping, saving labor costs, allowing you to sit at home and make money!

then,we talk about How to Use Vending Machines for Profit?

Three common vending machine marketing models

1. buy a vending machine and operate it yourself 

2. rent a vending machine to operate it yourself 

3. provide a venue for others to operate

Today I will talk about the first marketing method.

Buy a vending machine and operate it yourself. This business model can maximize its own interests, but it also has certain risks.

The specific operation process is:

First, you first find the right spot. According to the location and specific crowd, determine what products to sell.

Then find a suitable vending machine, stock it yourself, and operate it yourself. Thereby enjoying the benefits brought by the vending machine.

This method requires a lot of manpower and material resources in the early stage, but once it is on the right track, an automatic money maker can be built.

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