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Advantages of vending machines

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1.The flexibility and convenience

As a commercialized automatic mechanical equipment,vending machine has the advantages of intelligent and convenient operation.The vending machine is not limited by time and place,it can appear in any place, shopping malls,streets,tourist attractions,schools,hospitals,etc.It can also work 24 hours without manual duty,the operator only needs to observe the sales data of the vending machine regularly,and make replenishment timely,optimize commodities category regularly.

2. The business scope

Common models include  snack vending machines, beverage vending machines,milk vending machines,fresh food vending machines,frozen food vending machines,ice cream vending machines,box lunch vending machines and so on.In addition,there are many application cases of non-food vending machines.Operators can choose different model according to their own business.In different scenarios, the combination of different vending machine models or the linkage with other self-service equipment can better enrich the choices of consumers and enhance their consumption experience.

3. The operating costs

Vending machines can be placed in all corners of the city,compared with traditional manual retail stores,placing a vending machine only takes about 1-5 square meters of space,the business can avoid high rental costs.Moreover,the labor cost of vending machines are greatly reduced. In the past, the normal operation of a traditional manual retail store required at least 2 people,but now,one person can be responsible for at least 4 vending machines.

4. Operational threshold of vending machines

A brand new vending machine can cost from $1,200 to $8,000 depending on its function and configuration.The business is suitable for individual operators or small companies to operate.If you choose a top manufacture to buy the machine,you can also get a full range of guaranteed services, such as free use of the intelligent management software,operation guidance,after-sale service etc.

5. Safety and stability of vending machines

High-quality vending machines are made of thickened glass front.This glass has excellent compression and hammer resistance,so there is no need to worry about the possibility of someone smashing the glass and stealing the product.In addition,the weight of the vending machine is basically hundreds of kilograms,its four corners can be fixed,so there is no need to worry about the possibility of being pushed away by others or deliberately pushed by others.Furthermore,the payment of the machine is safe.On the one hand,the machine with the high-quality cash,coin acceptor, we do not need to worry about the possibility of receiving counterfeit money.In addition,on the other hand,the vending system of the machine will bind the collection information of the operator’s account.The entire shopping and payment process of the vending machine will also be monitored (if the machine is equipped with a monitor), and remote alarms can also be set in the management software.Under the layered protection,there is no need to worry about the possibility of fraudulent payment.

6. Additional functions of vending machines

Generally,vending machines can be equipped with multimedia display screen,these models,their screen will be connected with the management system and consumers can directly purchase products through the touch screen.It is a more intelligent and convenient shopping method.
In addition,the large screen can also carry advertisements,display multimedia information,and even the function of games and social interaction.

7. The return on investment of vending machines

income of vending machines has always been the most concerned issue for operators.The profitability of this business is determined by many factors.The most critical point is the choice of location,which is related to what you should sell,and it can affect your sales,as a retail terminal, vending machines have certain requirements for the place where they operate.A good locations,such as schools,factories,hospitals,stations, tourist attractions,etc.These places have a very high density of effective customer groups.